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The Power Of Posture 

By RTC | In Fitness | on July 1, 2015
Powerful Posture = Powerful You

Powerful Posture = Powerful You.  

Powerful posture extends well beyond just standing up straight and looking better.

Posture greatly affects not only how you look and  feel, but powerful posture can literally improve your ability to  perform  with confidence and success, on and off the court.

Most of us have experienced the powerful connection between our brain and body.  Optimistic, strong self talk  promotes  confident, strong performance.  How we feel mentally often shows up in how we hold ourselves physically. This non-verbal message is instantly read by other people, our opponents and ourselves. We instinctively make ourself bigger and taller when feeling strong and proud: we stretch out, lengthen and expand our arms above us in a victorious “V”. When we feel weak, unsure or timid, we make ourselves smaller, slouch and guard inward; with our arms covering our torso, neck or face. We know which is the posture of winning and which his the posture of losing.

Here’s the amazing mind/body twist:  We are learning  that how we purposely choose to hold our posture, even if we are faking it, is an astonishingly powerful driver in determining not only whether we think we can achieve something,  but whether or not we physiological have the physiological ability to handle the road to winning and success.

Successful, powerful people and winning athletes have similar body chemistries in common: high testosterone (assertion, aggression, strength hormone) and low cortisol (stress, fright flight fright hormone).

By holding your self in “power postures” you can literally replicate this winning chemical, hormonal state of being;  improving not only your mental state of mind, but literally enhancing your physiological capacity to handle challenge and stress while being assertive, optimistic and strong.

In short: Powerful, winning posture evokes powerful winning performance!

Experience the power of proper postural training in a Pilates Fusion class at RTC Tues/Thurs 8:45am to 9:45am.

Learn how your everyday posture in work, play and sports can be instantly improved.

Easy to follow, low weight and high rep movements  strengthen, lengthen, chisel and tone your core, deep postural muscles, glutes, back, arms and legs to hold powerful posture naturally throughout the day: whether on court or off, sitting or standing.

Be your best, most powerful self, starting with the power of your best posture.

Click here to Read more about the science and physiology behind the Power of Proper Posture




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